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For immediate access to ebooks, audiobooks, and online databases, feel free to apply for an eCard.

As of July 15, 2022, Brooklyn Public Library is no longer offering its fee-based out-of-state library card. Our priority remains serving Brooklynites and assuring that they can access the materials they need in a timely manner. BPL Library cards remain free for anyone who lives, works, pays property taxes or attends school in New York State. Existing out-of-state accounts will remain active until their expiration date and will not be renewable.

Teens and young adults ages 13-21 outside of New York State can apply for a free Booked UnBanned ecard. This card provides access to BPL’s entire digital collection and helps connect young people facing censorship and book bans in their communities with materials that explore a wider range of topics. You can support the Books Unbanned initiative by making a donation.

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